The goal of the All Nations campaign is to bring together the culturally diverse communities of Canada through Indigenous regalia, in particular earrings. The campaign will give participants a first-hand look at the craftwork of Canada’s 760+ Indigenous Nations. To do this, we will invite the Indigenous nations of Canada to contribute their unique craftwork, while teaching participants about the history and diversity of Indigenous craft.

This project will allow for a first hand look at the unique skill and artistry that goes into the creation of Indigenous regalia, in particular earrings. We want to not only inform the public, but allow them to interact and reconcile the relationship between non-Indigenous and Indigenous Canadians. By facilitating the interaction between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians, we hope to emulate the moment when the sole and the vamp are sewed together to create one moccasin.

During the All Nations March MainStreet event, we will be setting up images of historic Canadian Indigenous dress and pairing it with today’s Iconic Canadian dress. Through the display of these images side by side we would like to show to the individuals of Mount Royal that their favourite Canada Goose parka or maple leaf mittens stem from a history of Indigenous clothing. Our goal for this experience is to help individuals become more aware of how Indigenous culture has enriched Canadian culture and the items they use in their daily life. Alongside these images will be a description of what the image is, its original use, and what materials were used in the past versus what is used today to create these items.