Truth. Youth. Reconciliation.

Otahpiaaki is a social innovation project based at Mount Royal University that partners with Indigenous designers and artists from across Canada. Students co-create opportunities for development -- design, business, or social enterprise with emerging designers, with the intent to highlight their unique collections during Otahpiaaki Fashion Week each September.


"In Blackfoot, Otahpiaaki describes the moment
when the sole and vamp of a Moccasin are sewn together."


People from all Nations, including Canada, are invited to engage with diverse First Nations, Inuit, and Métis creative champions whose work is inspired by ancestors, traditions, language, land, and culture. Their talents, creativity, and traditional knowledge blend with contemporary practice in highly engaging fashion, street wear, digital works, film, and animation projects.

Otahpiaaki Fashion week will take place September 18th through September 23rd. The event will feature creative showcases from a team of prominent Indigenous designers. The event aims to...

Featured Designers