We’re in a Resurgence

An Indigenous Renaissance

For Siksikaitsitapi (—the Blackfoot Confederacy), the Winter Count was a visual way of reckoning time, of keeping a record of significant stories and happenings with insights into the importance of these events for the Nations’ people. It included the Elders and traditional people who illustrated the hides, and their feelings. The Winter Count embodied Ihstipaitapiyiop, Blackfoot teaching of all we have been given. All of these things, and more, were ‘carried with it’.

Oldman River Culture Centre, 1979 - Thanks to Ekistanopatki/Mrs. Buffalo, Sisinaki/ Mrs. Many Guns, John Yellowhorn, Billy Strikes with a Gun, Albert Moustache Sr., Joseph Crowshoe Sr. and his wife Josephine, Allan Pard, and Leonard Bastine as shared with Paul Raczka.

Language revitalization is fundamental for the survival of traditional ways. Language is the very foundation of Indigenous culture, a culture is expressed through language. Language is understanding, understanding of our ancestors, ways of life, and traditions rooted in the love from Creator. Language is life and we must work hard to protect it.

The Indigenous Creative Movement is exploding. More designers, artists and performers are raising their voices through a mix of traditional and contemporary art forms stemming from justice, resilience, and resistance. Artists, designers, musicians, & writers are leading the resurgence of Indigenous-led creative projects, innovating with revolutionary visions.