Tishna Marlowe

Lutsel K'e, Treaty 8

Six Red Beads

Tishna Marlowe, a Dene woman, grew up in the Northwest Territories with her grandparents, and was introduced to the traditional Indigenous lifestyle at an early age. They lived in a canvas tent with a tin wood stove and lived off the land. Tishna was immersed in Indigenous culture until her grandfather passed on, and subsequently moved to Lutsel K’e; the Place of Small Fish. Unfortunately, conditions began to deteriorate in her community and without constant interaction with other Indigenous people, her grandparents traditional lifestyle began to fade.

Despite adversity, Tishna is now an established designer in Canada and internationally. Tishna’s brand, Six Red Beads creates parkas, mittens, and couture ball gowns with traditional and contemporary Indigenous inspiration. She aspires to create a relationship of purpose and to bridge the gap between her garments and art.

Tishna Marlowe harvests elements from the Earth that creates outfits from her homeland; through the teachings of her grandmother and great-grandmother, she focuses primarily on couture for the modern world.


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