Piikani First Nation, Treaty 7

KIITOKII brings his skills as a Master Hypnotist and magician to the Otahpiaaki stage where he will invite volunteers from the audience to “star” in his hilarious hypnosis fashion show. This is a clean show and Kiit makes sure the volunteers step off the stage feeling better than they felt before going on. Showcasing incredible powers of hypnosis and the power of positive thinking, Kiit’s performances motivates and inspires humour and joy, leaving a lasting impression on enlightened audiences.


Kiitokii studied with Criss Angel (Mindfreak, Las Vegas). He is a keynote speaker and hosts Magic Camps where he mentors youth and teaches magic. He is also a musician and fine artist.


Kiitokii has performed in Las Vegas, Hollywood, Los Angeles, San Diego, and toured through the northwest of the U.S. In Canada, he has toured the Northwest Territories, through Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia.