Trip Charbs

Pine Creek First Nation, Treaty 4

Trip Charbs is an Ojibwe artist and jewelry designer from the Pine Creek First Nation, and is currently residing in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Highly creative and artistic by nature, Trip learned how to bead a young age by attending an after-school beading program. He has continued to perfect his skills with his Indigenous inspired earrings, necklaces, bowties, mukluks, and other accessories.

With celebrity and international attention for his designs, Trip quickly met his aspiration to use his design as a conversation started between Indigenous and non-Indigenous cultures. Trip Charbs brings traditional Indigenous fashion beyond the Powwow, and into mainstream fashion, while also maintaining a high level of respect for his culture.

Having reverence for that which is crafted by hand, Trip eschews fast fashion and industrial processes. He has developed a practice that is intentional, compassionate, and focuses on the relationships between the divine, his energetic visions, the act of creation, palettes and materials, and the recipient of the works. Trip sources the best Delica beads, high grade animal hides, and embellishments from local supplies in his community. Graphic interpretations of forms in nature are set against the natural contours of the body.


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