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Otapiaaki Youth is dedicated to connecting the Indigenous culture with Indigenous and non-indigenous youth in the Calgary area.



Otahpiaaki Youth connected with three artists and designers; Tank Standing Buffalo, Disa Tootoosis, and Derek Jagodzinsky, in order to create a designer button series to be displayed during the March Main Street Event. This was implemented as a mini cross promotion for the 2017 September Fashion Week in order to showcase the artists and designers that attendees will be able to experience come fall.

Otahpiaaki Youth placed two buttons from the different artists and designers, along with a call to action for the September showcasing, in a gum ball machine to be able to incorporate a fun and youth filled main street experience. Each time a person participated in the experience, they were able to read the bio on the artists and designers, and learn more about their background and expertise. Students passing received bookmarks engraved with the interpretation of several words in the Blackfoot language and were able to take these home in remembrance of our main street experience. The Youth Development Team is continually reaching out in order to promote the Youth, Truth and Reconciliation of the Otahpiaaki Brand.